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Online jobs seem to be a popular way for people to try and earn an income from home, but can you really make money with online jobs?

It is possible to make money with a job that you do at home, and many people earn a full-time income online this way. But it might not seem as glamorous as some people first imagine since it takes discipline to put in the work and effort when in the comfort your own home.

In this article we will go over a number of internet based jobs that might be worth investigating if you are starting out with your work at home adventure:

1. Online Virtual Assistant Jobs - There are many successful marketers out there that are looking to outsource part of their work.
An online virtual assistant might be a high level job where you are handling customer support requests for the products of your employer. It can often be like a kind of secretary based role but from home.
Or you might be part of a wider team doing outsourced work such as data entry, web design, customer support, freelance writing etc.

2. Online Paid Surveys - For some reason, paid survey sites pop up in the listings of possible work at home jobs. Paid surveys are not really online jobs though, but instead a nice way to earn a bit of extra money ideas money each month.
Paid surveys are appealing because they are quick and easy to do and no skills are required. But the money from it is unlikely to be a replacement for a full-time job.
3. Freelance Writing - There is quite a high demand for freelance writers with just basic writing ability. Many websites do not need ultra high standards of work, just simple well written articles that they can upload and get traffic from the search engines with.

The more articles these websites have then the more traffic they will get. As a result webmasters are often on the lookout for reliable people to provide them with a steady stream of fresh new content.
4. Online Business Opportunities - A good way to move away from being an employee and becoming your own boss for that greater time freedom is with an online business opportunity.
This is where you do not exchange time for money, but instead make money by selling products. When you use internet marketing to make these sales then the process can become automated and money can come in even when you are sleeping!

There is also the added benefit that many of these online business opportunities have a network marketing style compensation plan so that you are teaming-up with other like minded entrepreneurs for your mutual success.
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